Letters to the Editor

Letter: President Obama hurting U.S.

President Obama is not America's friend. He is our Constitution's and this nation's worst nightmare. He has become a president of his own making, complete with his own agenda that has little to do with this nation's people.

Trillons of dollars were spent in less than four years and Obama says we don't have a debt problem as we approach $17 trillion and the S&P rating in that same four years has given the United States two financial downgrades. Blame former President Bush for exactly the same thing, but Obama is making it worse. Obama wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on stimulus when he should be paying attention to jobs and the economy, as the working middle class struggles.

Benghazi with four men dead could have been prevented. Fast and Furious was a gun-running operation gone bad. The IRS debacle and The Associated Press phones records scandal go much deeper than we know and both are clear violations of the Constitution.

Obama has thrown the middle class under the economic bus with his health care plan that is poised to cost this country trillions in taxpayer funds that will do little except put the country deeper into the economic abyss. All this and more, on Obama's watch.