Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tax booklets and forms are unnecessary waste

Recently some media exposed the cost of government waste. I thought I would add my experience. Ever wonder what it costs to print and deliver all those federal tax forms/booklets that are on display at libraries and elsewhere? I tried to find out by writing to the IRS. They referred me to the government printing office (GPO). In neither instance did I get a dollar figure. So I had our Congressman look into the matter. The response was a regurgitation of a letter from GPO that said nothing about the costs. This is part of a larger picture on the cost of "government" that never seems to see the light of day. Check out a library after April 15th and look at all the forms/booklets that will end up in the recycle bin.

If the Fair Tax (a real tax reform) was enacted, the costs to print and ship the forms and booklets would be eliminated. The Fair Tax eliminates the need for forms and booklets. It also eliminates the federal tax code with a simpler and fairer method of collecting taxes. Check out the website fairtax.org to learn more about a truly revolutionary tax reform.

DAN SUTER, West Richland