Letters to the Editor

Letter: Government should ban all gun-free zones

Responding to Bob Allen's letter on Feb. 6. He is correct in that rights are limited, but one must go back to our forefathers' intent to establish those limits. Such is not the case today. Our courts are full of activist judges who neglect to do so.

Sure, you can't yell "fire" in a theater if there is no fire. Government has created, with the media's support, a very negative outlook on firearm ownership and a very skewed analysis regarding our Second Amendment based on the left's progressive propaganda.

They created gun free zones as part of this agenda. That would be like taking everybody at the movie theatre noted above and cutting their vocal cords so they couldn't possibly yell "fire," regardless if a fire actually occurred. Government will never be able to outlaw stupid or crazy, yet it continues to try. As a gentleman said in a recent letter to the editor, government should be required to perform a root cause analysis on any subject it believes requires additional laws, especially when it's regarding our God-given rights thousands of American have fought and died for. They should also ban gun-free zones of any kind.