Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'Future of Vista Field:' Port's obligation

Through resolution, the Port of Kennewick adopted the 2011 Master Plan for Vista Field. So the port has a duty and an obligation to develop the airport. The port, however, did not accomplish any of the plan's milestones. It appears now to use this new study to hide mismanagement or to conceal conspiracy.

Relying upon the port's resolution, private businesses have invested millions of dollars in business infrastructure attached to the airport, because of the airport.

At the Draft EIS meeting, the last presenter was the manager of Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute (PCLI). He talked about the importance of an airport to the community and the importance of the airport to his regional business model. PCLI's beautiful new location is attached to Vista Field because of the airport. PCLI's other regional locations are located at airports because of direct access. Again, airports are key to PCLI's successful business model.

Cadwell Labs, the 100+ manufacturing jobs and the recent expansion project should be celebrated, not lambasted. Carl Cadwell spoke about the many reasons why an airport location is important to the success of Cadwell Labs.

High-paying jobs are located in Kennewick because of Vista Field airport. Don't send them packing.

-- CARL HOLDER, Richland