Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'Future of Vista Field:' Vista is mismanaged

I urge everyone to review page 2 of the Washington Pilots Association "WINGS" newsletter. This article deals with the City of Auburn and the Auburn Airport. This is a similar situation to Vista Field in that the airport lies in the center of the city. But what a huge management difference! The city of Auburn recognizes the opportunity of a close-in airport and is reaping the economic rewards. The Port of Kennewick is horribly mis-managing Vista Field.

All a reasonable person has to do is look at the great job Scott Keller is doing over at the Richland and Prosser airports operated by the Port of Benton. The people of Kennewick need to get new management for the Port of Kennewick that will operate in the best interest of the taxpaying public.

-- DAVE LUCKE, Washington Pilots Association