Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'Future of Vista Field:' Port should stick to plan

I currently fly my aircraft from Basin City to Vista Field to purchase my fuel to help support the airport, to the amount of more than $3,000 per year. I thought that the 2011 airport plan by the port was to open the surrounding land to private investment and sale, which would have encouraged business. Instead, I read that the port has refused to allow such developments to occur.

More than a million taxpayer dollars have been wasted by different public officials over the past several years trying to close the airport. Now two companies have spent $6.5 million in new construction based on the port's 2011 study to keep the airport open. What happens to them?

Attending the meetings, I constantly heard anti-airport folks talk about increasing the tax base through minimum-wage jobs. Pro-airport folks spoke about middle-class jobs that are a result of an airport's influence on the surrounding community, who will pay more taxes because they can afford them.

Look at all of the other local port districts that support their airports: new developments at Prosser, Othello, Colfax, Pasco and Richland. That's private investment and that should be allowed at Vista Field. Don't waste the money on a new terminal. Just sell the surrounding land and keep the airport open!