Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'Future of Vista Field:' Airport benefits all

As a supporter of Vista Field, I believe that I am not only supporting the preservation of aviation in the Tri-City area, but supporting the preservation of Kennewick itself. Aviation is commonly misunderstood in what it brings to a community. Not only does it enrich the diversity of an area, but it aids in commerce that many people do not realize. Aviation is not only a hobby and passion for thousands of pilots, it is also a thriving and incredible industry. And closing doors to an industry is what happens when airports like Vista Field are closed.

Being a pilot myself, I base the prosperity of a community on how it accommodates to aviation. I believe that a community that supports the aviation industry, both general and commercial, is a thriving one. As someone from outside the Tri-City area, I have been delighted to see aviation thrive in the heart of the Columbia Basin.

The discussion of closing Vista Field is one that concerns me and the future of aviation in the Tri-City area. Having Vista Field, Kennewick has a huge advantage in the field of aviation. Airports are delicate resources that communities should not take lightly. When they are gone, they are gone for good. So, before a community that I see as a one seeking success makes a decision such as the one at hand with Vista Field, I hope that a certain sense of ignorance is avoided and people open their eyes to see what kind of awesome thing they have right under their noses.