Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'Future of Vista Field:' Already settled

If the port had gone forward with the Vista Field Master Plan which was adopted February 2011, we would not be having this discussion. The private sector took the port at its word and proceeded forward, spending millions of dollars based on the unanimous decision the commissioners made in March of 2010 -- which I was a part of -- to keep Vista Field open. Then they adopted the Master Plan in 2011 and instructed Tim Arntzen, executive director, to take all steps needed to carry out the master plan. I personally talked with the port about building hangers in March, 2012 with private funds and was told that the port would be going out for a Request for Proposals in May 2012.

If the port had tried to market Vista Field and had shown the public that they had intentions of making it a viable airport, then people would have come forward to build at Vista Field. I am aware of others who expressed interest in building at the airport but questioned whether the port really intended on keeping the airport open and if the port would be someone they wanted to do business with.

The port needs to stand by its commitments and proceed with the Vista Field Master Plan.

-- DAVID HANSON, Kennewick