Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'Future of Vista Field:' Study is flawed

I took part in the charrette and had fun! It was like "imagineering" at the Disney studio. It wasn't until after the public comment session when the plan was presented to the port commissioners and the public that I realized that I had been duped. By going along with extravagances with no pragmatic examination of costs, the commissioners were presented with a plan for the airport which was doomed to fail.

DPZ presented three options. One is an enhanced airport; two is redevelopment of then land and third is continuation of the current situation. It was immediately assumed that the third option was out of the picture. The third option was never explained. Was it the 2010 Master Plan for the airport? Or was it the negligence of airport upkeep for decades?

DPZ admits that participation in the charrette was smaller than usual. There was not a cross section of the Port of Kennewick community. Those who attended were caught up in the freedom to dream without the constraints of reality. The results are two flawed plans (grandiose ideas without any logical funding) and one not considered. I consider the $225,000 spent on the study wasted. The result is flawed and does not show a way forward.

-- KATHY WHITE, Kennewick