Letters to the Editor

Letter Best: Clean up this town

Hey! You don't litter, do you? No? Neither do I. Except when a Tri-City gale rips a tissue from my hands. Or both front car doors are open at the same time, and the papers on the floor flutter outside.

I walk my neighborhood every morning and the amount of trash I seen is appalling and increasing. My husband and often pick up a plastic bag full, or two or three bags, of trash every day. It's easy to find a discarded bag to use.

Let's all take a look around the easements, adjacent open fields, behind our homes, between backyard fences and the streets, gutters and parking lots every week. Let's pick up and dispose of what we cannot recycle. It might take 10 minutes, and our neighborhoods will look so much better.

Littering is not "their" problem. It's our problem. Our streets are looking trashier and unkempt. What happened to our pride and respect for clean, beautiful neighborhoods?

My husband and I estimate we also find at least 1,500 aluminum cans each year which we recycle. That's 250 six-packs!