Letters to the Editor

Letter: It's not the dog that bad, it's the owner

Responding to Larry Hyde's letter on Feb. 3 regarding pit bulls. I agree that pet ownership is a responsibility. Falling in love with a puppy, without knowledge and commitment, often ends with abandonment of the dog.

My experience is that this happens to all breeds and mixed breeds.

I have lived in Franklin County for several years. I and my neighbors have rescued several dogs that were left to fend for themselves. We're thankful that because of good-hearted friends and Pet Over Population Prevention, all of those found forever homes. There is no animal control in this county.

I recently rescued an abandoned female pit bull. She had recently had puppies and had a serious wound. I don't know what happened to the puppies. I was worried about her being dangerous. Time and care showed that she was affectionate and trainable. Those who knew the breed recognized her good traits.

If registering dogs would solve this problem, I'm for it. Who is going to enforce it and pay for it?

Please, if you are unable to care for your pet, give "man's best friend" a second chance. Contact our community agencies for help.

There are a few bad dogs but a lot of bad dog owners.