Letters to the Editor

Thankful Thursday: 20 years in Franklin County print shop filled with friendship

There has been a print shop in the Franklin County Courthouse for at least 30 years. I have had the privilege of running this print shop for almost 20 years. I did printing and/or supplied paper to most Franklin County and city of Pasco offices.

Everyone in all these departments was just as shocked and surprised as I was when they read in the Thanksgiving issue of the Herald that the print shop was being closed. But that is another issue.

This letter is to thank so many people who have worked for Franklin County for being my friends. Thank you, Linda, for saying "Yes, you can do it," and helping me find the courage to apply. Thank you Sue, Neva and Harold for giving me a chance with my very limited experience.

Thank you for conversations in the print shop. Thank you for sharing a little of your families and family pictures with me. Thank you for letting me share little of my family with you. Thank you for your love and support when my son passed away. Thank you for your smiles and greetings when I made deliveries or passed you in the halls and thank you for so much more. I would like to list each one of you by name but it isn't necessary. You know who you are.