Letters to the Editor

Housing policy


I have a few thoughts about my recent housing search in the Tri-Cities. I am writing this because I am sure others are faced with similar challenges.

In short, I felt that I was in direct competition with the government because of different forms of subsidized housing. I realize those programs are intended to help people like me, but there is a caveat. You must be poor, and to a certain extent, you must stay poor to qualify.

On the other side, for the free market approach, which I prefer, you must pass criminal background check, credit check and income-to-rent variance check. I wondered how much cheaper would the real price of housing be if the open market was allowed to work?

My solution, which is not a good one, was that for two years, I lived in my car, missions and relatives' houses to save enough to buy a mobile home, and of course, I still must pass those so-called "free-market" checks, which would be much more affordable in an unmolested market.

One of the presidential nominees promises to undo some of those subsidized markets. One can only hope.