Letters to the Editor

Hanford Reach

Comments by Gwen Leth and Joel Rogo at the recent Hanford Reach Interpretive Center meeting were correct. This is like a book. Content is important, but without a well-designed book jacket, are we drawn in?

Future generations will not know the history of the region. I doubt their interest will be piqued by a "pre-fab" building.

The force behind the architecture of public buildings in Columbus, Ind., (pop. 44,000) was J. Irwin Miller, longtime head of Cummins Engine Co.

To quote Miller: "Whatever you do in this world, you've got a responsibility and a privilege of doing it the very best way you can."

I lived in Columbus for 47 years and was a part of the creativity that took place. My sons attended the schools designed by famous architects. They were influenced by the environment and vision. As a result, they learned to be appreciative of the arts.

To quote Miller again: "Mediocrity is expensive." He was not just a visionary but also a businessman. The schools enabled the company to hire graduates of Harvard Business School and top-notch engineers.

National Public Radio recently featured the town in a report by Susan Stanberg.