Letters to the Editor

Drive safely

I recently saw someone in an older, light-colored pickup run over a beautiful golden retriever on Wright Avenue in Richland.

The driver cowardly sped away, putting others in danger yet again. It was not the driver's fault the dog ran out in the road, but he was speeding and had no time to slow down.

So the driver hit the dog with the force and sound of a truck hitting a brick wall and left the animal dying and bleeding in the middle of the street for other vehicles to run over him as he struggled to breathe and suffered from his injuries.

A caring neighbor stopped on her way home and we tried to calm the suffering dog, while comforting his heartbroken owner as she wailed for her best friend, while we attempted to stop oncoming traffic from hitting us, the dog or the sobbing owner. When we realized he was gone, we wrapped him in a blanket, carried him to his owner and lay him on the grass before her. God forbid it had been any of us, out on a summer's night stroll.

To all drivers who frequent Swift Boulevard and Wright Avenue, we implore you to drive the designated speed -- our lives depend on it.