Letters to the Editor

Seahawks' acquisition

Terrell Owens is known as a hothead and for being in the middle of little controversies and fights. Is this the kind of person we want on the Seahawks?

Throughout his years in the NFL, he has been fined and fouled on many occasions for things such as spitting in opponents' faces, inciting "boos" from the crowd for rude behavior, making rude comments to interviewers and "excessive celebration."

Somehow, his poor behavior has been overlooked by the Seahawks to give him another chance to prove himself and strengthen our team. He claims he has changed in the last two years. However, he has said this same thing every time he changed teams in the past.

We'll have to see what's different about this time around, and if he really does make the appropriate changes. I hope Owens turns out to be a good asset to the team and look forward to seeing him play on the field. I just hope he doesn't end up hurting us with his unsportsmanlike conduct.

HAYDN LENZ, Kennewick