Letters to the Editor

Community center

I have been involved in the Richland Community Center since it opened and have worked well with Marilyn Hodgson, the senior advocate/coordinator, since she came there.

Marilyn's passion is seniors and what she can do to help them. She is constantly looking for more activities to fill up more rooms there -- for everyone.

Yes, there are a lot of bridge games. In fact, they fill 10 of the 15 four-hour weekday slots. A chess club and Friday night pinochle game only leave three empty time frames during the week. So, yes, Marilyn would like to have different games in there if possible.

However, she also said that if another bridge game wanted to rent the games room they would not be turned down.

Many users do not like some of the rules, such as the Benton Franklin Health Department's restrictions on the foods we can serve at dances and other events. However, we adjust because we we know these are for everyone's protection.

The community center is understaffed at this time. This is being worked on, but please realize that it takes quite a while to get the best person for each position. Remember, a smile works wonders!