Letters to the Editor

Sin taxes

The amazing increase in liquor and tobacco sales on the border cities of Oregon should be a red flag to this state's government that the tax on tobacco and liquor is more then necessary.

I voted yes on the measure to privatize liquor sales in Washington fully knowing there would be a price increase. I voted for it because it will help this state and the businesses in it prosper.

But now I know that I might have been a little wrong. When I heard of a 35 percent increase in sales in Oregon on tobacco and liquor, it was quickly apparent that we are not helping our state with purchases but more helping the state of Oregon.

Here in southern part of Washington, it's easy to skip out on the tax by making a quick drive. Maybe the state government should take a harder look at the outrageously high taxes on these products and think about lowering them. Maybe then Washington can get that 35 percent back from Oregon and help us be better off, even if it's just a little better.