Letters to the Editor

Irked by free lunches

This senior citizen just got off the phone with the Kennewick School District's lunch program coordinator and what a lesson I learned. More than half of all school children in Kennewick receive a free lunch and more than 20 percent receive a free breakfast. This has been going on for years. Now I understand why our students test scores continue to drop.

On the one hand, we tell our kids they do not have to be responsible for feeding themselves, while on the other hand, we try to convince them to take the responsibility to learn.

My family was very poor, so my brothers and I worked in the cafeteria to earn our daily lunch. We also learned the value of personal responsibility. Free food programs impose an entitlement mentality on school children, and from what I see, schools have finally found something they excel at in teaching.

Do you suppose they tell the students who receive these free meals who is actually paying for them?