Letters to the Editor

Dispensing kindness

Are you having the same problem as I am? Most public buildings have those toilet paper dispensers that are gray or black in color that are super large. In a wheelchair accessible restroom stall when the dispenser is placed below the grab bar it is almost impossible to use the "johnny" because it is placed too close to the toilet and it protrudes out beyond the grab bar, which makes it hard to use the grab bar.

Instead of whining about this situation, I've talked to many managers over the years to please move the dispenser above the grab bar to make it easier and most have not done so. When talking to able-bodied women they, too, said it's hard to reach the toilet paper in that type of dispenser in a regular stall because they are so low.

Yesterday, however, was a "red-letter" day. My husband and I went to IHOP in Pasco and they did move the dispenser above the grab bar, which made using the restroom so much easier for me.

I wrote them a letter expressing my gratitude and wanted to make note of it in the newspaper too. Thank you, IHOP! I appreciate what you did for me.