Letters to the Editor

State House: Clough

Partisan politics is killing America. If our elected officials would actually work together to fix problems instead of simply yelling at each other, we might be able to dig ourselves out of this recession.

What we need in Olympia is someone who will work with both sides of the aisle to create solutions for the economic and other problems we face. This is why I am voting for Jay Clough for state Legislature.

Jay is a patriot who genuinely cares what his constituents think. There have been multiple instances in his door-to-door campaign where he has spent a half-hour or more at an individual's house, learning about that person's concerns and to see how he might be able to address them at the state level.

He has won the respect of Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals. If elected Jay would bring back dignity and integrity to our district that we have lost because of the incumbent's extreme views and way of doing things.

I hope other voters will come to the same conclusion that I have and vote to make Jay Clough our next representative in the state Legislature.