Letters to the Editor

Demand creators

Who are these "job creators" anyway? Orwellian manipulation of language can give us the impression that the "invisible hand" of the free-market system is actually attached to an 80-year-old white guy billionaire with a 23-year-old wife, and unless we give him more tax breaks he won't create jobs, except in Macau.

There are no job creators, only demand creators. Increased demand creates job growth. Reduced demand causes job destruction. It is fairly easy to manipulate demand downward by damaging "consumer confidence" with a steady stream of grim stories and glib slogans.

Consumer confidence is measured and tracked by Wall Street, so it is also manipulated by them for their profit. We are all demand creators and therefore could stimulate job creation by simply buying more stuff. If we bought mostly U.S. made stuff, most of the jobs would be created in the United States. Look at the label and buy American if you can.

The past decade has also proved that just going shopping cannot pay for continuous war. Tax revenues pay for war and everything else. If deficits are a bad thing, then cutting taxes in wartime is also a bad thing.