Letters to the Editor

Gloomy evening

Jerry Czebotar (Letters, July 20) is right when he says, "It's evening in America," but everything else he says is wrong. That's not socialism coming down the road, Jerry; it's corporate feudalism.

It's not readily visible here in the Tri-Cities, where the government feeds us $2 billion a year and accepts the protection of good wages and benefits by strong unions.

But out in the real world, blue-collar jobs are moving south or overseas, and the supply of workers for available (mediocre) jobs far exceeds the demand.

Watch the picture become increasingly gloomy as the American labor market equilibrates with the rest of the world, where wages and benefits are far lower than ours.

Our political system is no longer a democratic republic, and our economic system is no longer capitalism. Our political system is controlled solely by money, and the money is controlled by a handful of corporations and banks.

Haven't you noticed that when the corporations and banks are occasionally caught committing felonies, they pay fines out of their pocket change and nobody goes to jail? In places like China, some of those crimes are capital offenses. Maybe that's the direction we need to go. Or maybe we just need to make people like Czebotar see the light.