Letters to the Editor

Water Follies spoiled

This year, I attended the Water Follies for the 22nd time, including 12 years with a group of friends in the special viewing area. I'm not sure I will attend again.

I made several phone calls, and many in our group have complained, concerning the volume level and the content of the music played by some in the special viewing area.

Last year, I was unable to speak to someone sitting next to me without shouting. This year, I couldn't stand being under the catering tent because of the speaker blaring at ear-splitting volume 20 feet away.

Every year, we are promised by the Water Follies people that they will manage it better. Every year, it's the same thing. As the patrons get drunker, the volume gets higher and the behavior more outlandish. The content of the songs is too offensive for a family newspaper.

Some of the young women in one nearby group decided that the tops of swimsuits were optional. Does the Water Follies have permits to allow public nudity?

I thought this was supposed to be a family friendly event but it couldn't be further from it. Maybe they need to hire some real off-duty police officers to deal with this nonsense because the current security people seem to have no inclination to deal the problems.

MIKE CATHEY, Lake Forest Park