Letters to the Editor

Congress: Wheeler

It appears that primary ballots submitted are below the numbers as compared to previous years. I hope the quantity will pick up in the last days for submitting ballots. Granted, there isn't much to excite the primary voters, but there is one race that I believe is worth the time and effort to submit a ballot. I refer to the 4th Congressional District race in which I happen to support Jamie Wheeler.

I have worked with Jamie in an effort to get the onerous federal tax code changed to a simpler method. She would bring the same level of effort for changing the tax code to the House of Representatives.

Our current congressional representative would only vote to tweek the existing federal tax code. This only benefits the lobbyists, not those of us who really want a major tax code change.

The other reason I support Jamie is that I believe in term limits. The only way to achieve term limits is to vote out the incumbents who have been in Washington, D.C., way too long. Join those of us who want real change in Washington, D.C., and believe in term limits

DAN SUTER, West Richland