Letters to the Editor

Letter Best: Regime change

When this present presidential campaign has drawn to a close, a constitutional amendment would be in order.

As wise as the Founding Fathers were, they could not have anticipated the feeding frenzy of multiple all-news radio and television networks 24/7 during a presidential election year.

A suggestion that might ease the pain. Let's change the term that a president can serve from the constitutional two four-year maximum to a single six-year, nonrenewable term.

That way, we could have an intense campaign on a six-year rotation. Aspiring candidates would not talk about the presidential failings of their opponent because none of those vying for office would have experience in the office.

This past year, President Obama has campaigned steadily, not that he wasn't so occupied for the first three years of his term.

The American public, by election day, will have had its fill of negative campaigning, slams, gossip and innuendo, plus distortion of the truth.

A president elected for a single six-year term could concentrate on governance rather than re-election. We might all be surprised at what a climate change that could bring about in national discourse.

Tom Baker, Waitsburg