Letters to the Editor

Center mismanaged

To see an example of city bureaucracy gone awry, visit the Richland Community Center. It has great rooms with some of the best views in the Tri-Cities. They sit vacant most of the time while management complains that the facility is host to too many card games and too many seniors. A 50 percent vacancy rate is not high enough? Must it go to 70 percent to balance their quotas?

On weekends, the Community Center is practically empty. Where are all the young people who want to use the building?

There are seven activity rooms but only one is available for senior games. Scheduling conflicts are self-inflicted by Community Center management because they prefer to keep the other rooms empty. The Parks and Recreation website only lists one purpose for the Community Center. It "contains offices of the Parks and Recreation Department." The other two functions are listed in sub-menus -- fitness room and rentals. Why is the city competing with health clubs and room rentals? The city council should either give the Community Center back to the community or build a shack for the seniors so they can play games, have a room for dancing and take charge of their own activities. Then the Parks and Recreation staff can have the best office space in the state.