Letters to the Editor

Lifesavers lauded

I have always enjoyed the "Thankful Thursday" feature in the Tri-City Herald because it's nice to see good news in a world that is so full of bad news. And although I feel blessed in many ways, I wasn't expecting to use the newspaper as a forum for my own thanks -- until now.

I want to give a huge thank you to the medics at Dust Devils stadium, as well as my own personal hero, Rob Davis, who had to administer an EpiPen shot to Gabe, my 9-year-old, at a recent baseball game.

Gabe attended a Dust Devil game with friends and was caught off guard by a sudden allergic reaction. Rob's quick action saved my son's life, and the medics at the Dust Devils were there to help. Both Rob and Daryl (from the Dust Devils) called to check up on Gabe after the fact, and I can't ever begin to thank them enough for their heroics or their concern. I will be forever grateful.