Letters to the Editor

State House: Haler

My wife and I have voted for Larry Haler to return to the Washington State House of Representatives. We have known Larry and his opponents for many years, and without doubt believe Larry is far and away the very best candidate in his race.

When electing someone to represent us, it becomes critical to look "behind the words" a candidate voices. Research what a candidate stands for, what have they accomplished to benefit others and who really is this person we are trusting to represent us without a private agenda.

Look at the level of candidate's ethical and moral standards. Look at the candidate's history of personal integrity. What leadership roles has a candidate had and what were the results of those leadership roles?

A look at Larry Haler will quickly reveal his dedication to serve the people he represents. A very small sampling of Larry Haler's "behind the words" work shows he did not miss a single vote during the previous session, championed open and honest communication, favors a balanced budget with less government spending and fewer taxes on small businesses.

Vote for Larry Haler, a sterling example of a true representative.