Letters to the Editor

Congress: Wheeler

Vote for Jamie Wheeler, a true fiscal conservative who will listen to the people, not John Boehner! Jamie will fight for the people, not against them as both parties do! There will be no "party politics" in Jamie Wheeler's congressional offices and no special interests! She will represent the people!

I campaigned for Doc Hastings in 1994, and still consider him a friend, but it is time for change! Doc has been a pretty good representative but the subtle change over the years has made Doc a "party man" and that is our problem in Washington, D.C. -- Party Politics!

Doc finally held his conservative ground and voted against The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and held his ground when the Democrats started their spending binge, but when the people gave the GOP the majority in the House, Doc went back to being a "party man." They've raised the debt ceiling, passed the National Defense Authorization Act and reauthorized the Patriot Act. They haven't even tried to override any of Obama's executive orders. The list is endless! We need a representative of the people, not a "party man." It is time. Let's bring Doc home. In his 18 years, he's done well, but it's time for him to enjoy his grandkids and spend quality time with Claire. Vote for Jamie Wheeler.

LEON HOWARD, West Richland