Letters to the Editor

State House: Clough

I know Jay Clough as a friend and neighbor running for public office, who has a sound vision of what would improve the quality of life in our community. A devoted husband and father and a disciplined ex-Marine, he cares deeply about others, including those who disagree with him, and listens carefully to others' ideas before sharing his own.

As a colleague on community service projects, I have learned that he is smart, wise beyond his years and values the importance of the relationship between scientific and technical education and opportunities to learn in the arts.

Jay is an independent thinker, not doctrinaire, not captive to political party or ideology; a creative and practical problem solver, with a finely tuned sense of fairness and justice.

That's why he sees the need for a challenging education for ambitious and gifted young people, as well as better opportunities for meaningful training and community support for young people at risk, to keep them out of the criminal justice system. Jay is a leader. The record of his opponent has been that of a follower. Take that ballot off the table, vote for Jay Clough in the primary and send it in.

ANN EATON, Richland