Letters to the Editor

Franklin County: Peck

In the opening weeks of her political campaign, Rosie Rumsey managed to bad mouth and disparage nearly every Franklin County official, especially incumbent Commissioner Brad Peck, over the Dennis Huston matter.

Employing Obama-style "who cares about facts" campaigning, Rumsey is trying to blame the 22-year-long Huston embezzlement on the one commissioner who actually helped end the theft of county funds.

Peck took office in January 2009. Recorded county board meetings document that while the FBI was investigating Huston in 2009, Peck was grilling then-Public Works Director Tim Fife and County Administrator Fred Bowen over Public Works Department vouchers, insisting they investigate and certify their accuracy in writing, which they did, repeatedly. When the nine-month FBI investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing by Huston, Peck continued demanding accuracy and accountability on all vouchers. The county auditing staff subsequently discovered evidence of the Huston fraud while reviewing those vouchers and vendor lists.

Rumsey's cheap attempts to discredit incumbent commissioner Peck and other county officials are shameful and desperate.