Letters to the Editor

Wheeler, Hadian

As the primary election is upon us, we need to look at all the candidates who are seeking to move on to the general election. There are two candidates who have had little voice in the media or the Republican Party. Check the candidates out on the state's first online voters guide.

I encourage you to vote for Jamie Wheeler for Congress in the 4th District. She is a Republican candidate challenging the eight-term incumbent Doc Hastings. Wheeler is not a career politician. Her platform and desire for representing those who send her to Washington, D.C., is to reduce the control and power of "big government." She has the enthusiasm and spirit of the people to get the job done.

The other person who needs to advance to the general election is Shahram Hadian for Governor. Hadian, like Jamie Wheeler, is focused on the freedoms and liberties for the people. We desperately need to elect these two candidates to get our state and nation back to needs of the people.