Letters to the Editor

GOP disappoints

As a Republican for some 60 years, I am embarrassed and outraged by the Party's platform, which includes less regulation of big business, particularly Wall Street banks and insurance companies.

Isn't it enough that during eight years of the Bush administration, the Republican version of laissez-faire resulted in our country's current plight and sent world economies into a tailspin?

Even with today's slightly increased regulation of financial institutions, we have our J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sacks, HSBC and Barkley fiascos, not to mention the outright fraud perpetrated by Bernie Madoff, Peregrine Financial and many others (watch the TV show American Greed for countless others). And my Republican Party supports less regulation!

High powered, wealthy lobbyists, supported by Chief Justice John Roberts and the Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited campaign contributions, are winning the battle to deregulate the already underpowered efforts to contain Wall Street Banks and their Republican allies.

This money and power has created a buddy relationship between regulators and lobbyists at the expense of the average American, whom the regulators have chosen to ignore in favor of lobbyists and big campaign contributors.

Ever wonder which Republican legislators are on the lobbyists' favorite list and why the Republican Party is against campaign disclosure legislation? What is my Party afraid of? What is my Party trying to hide?