Letters to the Editor

State House: Haler

I am writing this letter to endorse our incumbent state Rep. Larry Haler, R-Richland for the 8th Legislative District. I have known Larry for a number of years and I feel he is the right man for the job. He has endorsed higher education for Washington. He has fought hard for issues on the eastern side of the state.

Larry has been working hard each year he has served as our representative to help balance our state budget. Washington, like most states in our union, is facing a debt crisis. Larry listens to the area residents and has held many "coffee" chats with its citizens. This way he stays informed about the most important issues of the 8th Legislative District and the state.

Let's re-elect Larry Haler and send him back to Olympia to fight for the people and the rights of our state. He is a honest individual and takes his job seriously.