Letters to the Editor

Editorial cartoons

In regard to the cartoon gallery on implications Joe Paterno was involved in the Jerry Sandusky cover up.

In my opinion, to make light of child molestation in a cartoon or otherwise is in poor taste.

I, and perhaps the majority of the community, know that Jerry Sandusky was found guilty by a jury of his peers.

The fact remains that regardless if Joe Paterno is guilty, the cartoons printed on the July 16 Voices page were in bad taste.

Those comics make light of what happened to the victims. It is quite possible they were so traumatized that they may need counseling for years to come.

The artists who drew and contributed those comics needs to stop and think, what if it was their child who went through that? Would they have made light of it then?

Millions of children all over the world are abused in some form or another every single day, and it's no laughing matter. People need to think twice before spouting off their mouths and realize that maybe it just might offend someone or even cause that person mental or physical injury.

GEOFF HART, Kennewick