Letters to the Editor

Too much lightning

Regarding the photos and comments on the recent thunderstorms from Herald readers.

I'm a senior lady who lives with her two girl cats, Dotty and Baby. I've been afraid of "T-storms" since I was a small child.

I do not believe in glorifying storms that can cause fires and destruction! I'm sure I'm not alone in this feeling. What's with these readers anyway? Where's their compassion for people like myself!

I spent nearly two hours in fear as the flashes struck right outside our window. My girls handled it better than I did. Baby tried to comfort me. I was a nervous wreck. I feared for any animals that might be out in it. I sat with my Dotty, my back to the window for a long time, petting her and wanting it to just stop. At 4 a.m. it finally did, and I was able to go to bed.

I felt "shell-shocked" all the next day. It was like I was waiting for it to happen all over again. We are all lucky nothing bad happened.

The storm threat kept me in all week, except when my neighbor took me to the store. That is one time I won't forget. It was like a nightmare that wouldn't end. I will be glad when July is over. It's been unbearable!

A.J. SHEA, Kennewick