Letters to the Editor

Sacred ground

A gay pride parade is a political statement and not a local hometown Fourth of July parade honoring our country and military men and women for their service to our country.

Why did the Defense Department feel it had a right to make an exception to a "policy" that generally bars troops from marching in uniform in parades unless given approval by their commander?

Our military does not get involved in the political arena. That is not its purpose and is in direct conflict with the separation of powers.

The United States military is not a tool or a trump card to be used to promote private political agendas. That uniform represents the United States of America and GI means Government Issue, and the man or woman inside of that uniform belongs to the United States for their term of service.

We the people did not agree to it being used in the political realm to promote the gay agenda. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has overstepped his authority in actively promoting the gay agenda by allowing the uniform of our military to speak agreement by its very presence. How dare he do this with such blatant disregard and disrespect for our country and Constitution.