Letters to the Editor

Acknowledge the problem

Chicago's deadlier than Afghanistan plus Aurora. So far this year Chicago's had 250 homicides compared to 179 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan and 12 people in Aurora, Colo. This is not to diminish the tragedy of the horrible massacre in Aurora or our soldiers killed in Afghanistan but to show the hypocrisy of our news media and politicians.

These 250 murdered Americans are just statistics for whom there will be no presidential visits, pages of print, days of TV or flags at half-staff. Maybe Chicago needs to kill its citizens in larger batches rather than just a few a day to get the attention of their media and politicians.

I don't have all the answers but no one solves a problem they don't acknowledge exists so here's a start: 1. Chicago's citizens, media and politicians must agree they have a very serious problem they need to solve now. 2. Enforce their gun laws. New York City had a similar problem but seems to have made real progress in getting illegal guns off their streets. 3. There will never be enough police to provide the security we need unless most citizens choose to obey the law on their own. 4. To ensure most people do choose to obey the law, we need to reinforce traditional family values and parental control. Unsupervised kids are fodder for street gangs which commit most of these killings.