Letters to the Editor

The way things were

Can someone please explain to me how raising the taxes on the wealthy will create more jobs? The manufacturers have just hunkered down waiting for an administration that will enable them to put our nation's employees back to work. Purchasing power makes our system work, not food stamps, welfare, nor total government control.

Free enterprise and entrepreneurs made this a great and powerful nation, not building generations dependent on food stamps and welfare who must vote for the current type of government in order to keep the freebies coming.

One state was recently awarded $5 million for having the largest increase in food stamp applications. Is this what we want for our future generations?

Leave the tax rates alone and make them permanent. Our economy was booming, with 4.7 percent unemployment and gas at $1.87 per gallon when Reid and Pelosi took over the Senate and House in 2006 elections. They put the brakes on everything productive, knowing that Bush would take the blame. It worked, and you can see the results of this type of government.

We've had our "Hope and Change," now can we have our "Hope and Change Back?"