Letters to the Editor

Postal duties

The president of the letter carriers' union tried to debunk the "myth of red ink in the mail" in your July 23 editorial. To the contrary, he confirmed a 15 percent current operating deficit and a massive accruing deficit. Every business has current revenues, current expenses, and accrued expenses to be paid in the future like 75 years of retirement and medical benefits for current retirees and 20 year-old employees. A prudent and honest business has a legal obligation to provide funding for its accrued retirement benefits. In 2006 the Postal Department was directed by Congress to start funding this accrued liability. The union has thwarted necessary business reforms and the post office is experiencing accelerating annual deficits.

The post office provides a valuable and necessary service to our country. The Postal Department and its union need to acknowledge fiscal reality and negotiate terms of a sustainable enterprise. This includes provision for committed future costs.

DON HANNY, Kennewick