Letters to the Editor

High hopes

Being from the old school, I was taught that a man should aspire to the highest ethical behavior and lifestyle. We owe that to our creator despite not always succeeding. Now days it seems that no matter where you go to excel at living, there is some group that objects. Some want something for nothing to be the rule. Others want the rule "I can do anything I like." Some want to join good organizations but not accept the rules that made them good, i.e. act as spoilers to prevent them from achieving their goal. Something is very wrong with this thinking. Where could a man go now to opt be a good person? It appears to me that the ACLU fights this under the guise of forcing others to accept same lifestyle (not equality of opportunity).

How will our nation continue to excel if we are held to inferior standards? We even have groups that claim rights that are normally privileges. The real rights allow potential education, hard work and dedication to succeed. I fail to see free lunches as a right!