Letters to the Editor

Benton commissioner: Jansons

I have served with Rick Jansons on the Richland School Board and can say from firsthand experience he is a leader with years of hands-on management experience. Rick is our board president and works hard to ensure our board governs in an open and transparent manner. He is very welcoming of public comments, and values citizens' input in our decision-making process.

He helps to keep our team together and focused on our core mission: to deliver excellent education services to the students in the most cost-effective manner possible. For example, Rick works with me and other board members to cut administrative and overhead costs to ensure tax dollars flow into classrooms to benefit students. He works with staff to maintain and improve teaching and learning services for more than 11,000 Richland and West Richland students despite revenue losses of more than $9 million over the past four years.

He knows how to lead. Rick will take these leadership, management, and public service skills to the county commissioners' office. Please join me in voting for Rick Jansons for Benton County Commissioner.

MARY GUAY, Richland