Letters to the Editor

8th District: Reuther

Will the Tri-Cities become another L.A.?

I grew up in the Los Angeles metropolitan area where "progress" was measured by covering open spaces with concrete and erecting commercial and industrial buildings. Not much thought was given to how that "progress" affected the quality of life.

I have lived in the Tri-Cities for 35 years and have seen many changes. As I see our three communities continue to grow (in 15-20 years we will have more than 400,000 residents), I remember how "progress" was defined and implemented the Los Angeles.

Wishing and hoping that this type of "progress" does not come to the Tri-Cities is not enough. We need state and local leaders who have the vision and ability to manage our future growth in a way that not only brings to our communities quality jobs but also sustains our quality of life.

Richard Reuther has the vision and ability to represent the Tri-Cities in Olympia. He understands that planning for future growth begins now.

Elect Richard Reuther to the 8th Legislative District Position 2