Letters to the Editor

Franklin commissioner: Peck

I opened my official Franklin County ballot this morning looking forward to voting for Brad Peck for Franklin County commissioner. Four years ago I had reservations about Brad taking over from Neva Corkrum -- who had been a strong supporter of the needs of our community. But Brad has done a tremendous job. He is a true leader and steps up and gets involved.

It took over eight years to get Road 100 completed but thanks to his efforts, the obstacles were overcome during his three years in office! He has been a highly important member of a broad Tri-Cities effort to get the Corp of Engineers to do the right thing with the revised Columbia River Shoreline Management Plan. I know he will continue to stand firm and represent all of us in this continuing effort. The long-running alleged embezzlement by a county employee was also successfully resolved during Brad's short term in office!

Brad is a veteran with great leadership skills. Franklin County needs leaders like Brad Peck. It doesn't seem right but I will have to wait until November to vote for Brad because I am not in his district. For those of you who can vote for him now, please do so!