Letters to the Editor

Animal cruelty

I am dumbfounded by the amount of people who walk their dogs on the city sidewalks and asphalt during the hottest part of the day, apparently unaware of the distress this can cause the animal.

The sidewalk and asphalt surface temperature can easily exceed 125 degrees in the midday heat. This is hot enough to scald the pads on the bottom of the dog's feet. More importantly, since the dog's body is mere inches away from this hot surface, it can induce heat stress or heat stroke. Is your dog panting during or after the walk? It may be trying to tell you that it is too hot.

Take your shoes off and walk with your bare feet on the same sidewalk that you walk your dog. Is it too hot for you to stand on? Then it is also too hot for your dog. This is what you are asking your dog to do. But your dog cannot get away from it.

Please be a responsible pet owner and be aware of the hot conditions that you subject your dog to.