Letters to the Editor

Pasco code

I am glad to hear per Rick Terway, director of administrative and community services, "that Pasco has hired three more park rangers to ensure that our parks are kept uncluttered" and, per Pasco Chief Metzer, "The park rangers are going to be our eyes and ears out there."

I have a concern and question for the both men: Who is responsible to be the eyes and ears monitoring our neighborhoods, ensuring that property is kept clear of debris, i.e., weeds, garbage, broken down vehicles, appliances, etc.? Ensuring that residents are having only two yard sales per year and are paying the $5 permit fee? Who enforces the rule that all signs and boxes are to be removed immediately after yard sales?

Our streets and neighborhoods are beginning to look like slums, especially "Middle Pasco," as we call it.

I was told that the city has only two code officers on staff to respond to complaints, and they are weeks behind. With Pasco as big as it is, and still growing, don't you think that we should be looking at adding more!