Letters to the Editor

What emergency?

I watched on the July 23 that our governor declared emergency in 16 Washington counties and two of the counties are Benton and Franklin. She claims that a series of storms that started July 13 have caused power outages, fuel shortages and road closures that threaten some at-risk populations. Am I missing something here? Did Benton and Franklin counties have power outages, fuel shortages and road closures that threatened our population?

I did hear that Highway 14 was closed for about a day from flooding and traffic was diverted to the Oregon side of Interstate-84 but I did not hear about a single event in Benton or Franklin county that caused enough damage for our state to break into these emergency funds or use these resources.

Also, our Washington state military is involved. Can someone explain this to me or is this just a way to tap into money that our governor thinks needs to be spent/wasted? What if something really extreme happens?

MARK WARD, Richland