Letters to the Editor

Letter best: Mental health help

I reflect on the incident in Colorado and I return to my reflections on the Fort Hood incident. Two factors come to mind. How does the community view education and mental illness and what might attract people with problems to providing services to the mentally ill?

Individuals with mental illness and the ability to get an education struggle to prove need of mental health services. Many providers place the mentally ill in the same category as developmentally disabled which prompts service limitation to basic life skills. How many people whose goals exceed survival see services as stifling and recovery squashed or can't get services?

Both the Fort Hood and alleged Aurora shooters were interested in mental illness, one as a psychiatrist and the other in neuron science. Were they looking for help for themselves? Individuals who believe they have overcome his or her problem may choose the profession to indirectly help himself or herself or reach out to others, but they are not in recovery. Even as they chose a path toward violence to others, most educated mentally ill without services endanger self through suicide or dangerous behavior.

All in need of mental health services deserve services from appropriate professionals.