Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus: Thank the volunteers

You are asking a person who was the director of Sidewalk Show for 11 years of growth (now called Art in the Park), so I only know Sidewalk Show. I never had any time to see the boat races after I retired. It was a ton of work, but I enjoyed that show very much and made so very many friends of talented artists from all over the U.S., Canada and even a couple from France.

After I retired from Sidewalk Show, I had a friend who owned a home on the river on the Pasco side. We went there to enjoy the boat races. It was 105 degrees. Not enough shade for everyone and we completely wilted away! Unfortunately I never went to either the show or the races again due to my husband's illness for many years.

My hope is that everyone who goes to either event really enjoys them and praises the wonderful people who put in all the many, many hours of work to put them on!

-- EVA LOU "EVE" FLEMING, Richland